Coffee connects us to the world.

To far-flung coffeelands. To hard-working farming families. And to people everywhere who love the familiar comfort of their morning ritual. It’s through these relationships that we’ve always found unique opportunities to make the world a better place.

Making a difference starts at the source.

Our work connects us to coffee farmers around the globe — we shake their hands, visit their fields, and meet their families. And while we’ve always been committed to treating them fairly, we think we can do even better than that. That’s why we’ve challenged ourselves to improve the livelihoods of people in coffee communities — so they can better support their families and continue farming the high-quality coffee we all love.

Going all in to help coffee communities.

We’ve made a commitment to move beyond traceable coffee, which tells us where our coffee comes from, to 100% responsibly sourced coffee, which ensures that our coffee is socially and environmentally sustainable. That’s because truly great coffee helps promote the greater good — so growers can live better lives, farmlands can prosper each and every season, and coffee can thrive for generations to come.

From traceable to responsible by 2020

85% coffee traceable in fiscal 2017 31% responsibly sourced in fiscal 2017
Photo credit: Blue Harvest

Working like our earth depends on it.

We all want to leave the world better than we found it. To do our part, we set ambitious 2020 targets to reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore. We’re working to send zero waste to landfill, cut our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and restore 100% of the water used in our brewed beverages. We’re excited to announce that we’re way ahead of schedule. In 2017, we added our water goal to the list of 2020 targets we’ve met early, joining our GHG emissions target. We’re also 98% there on our waste target, and we’ll have converted to 100% recyclable K‑Cup® pods in Canada by the end of 2018.

From brewer to bin and beyond.

After years of hard work and a shared sense of purpose, our recyclable K‑Cup® pods are now on shelves in Canada. We’re aiming to have 100% of our pods recyclable in Canada by the end of 2018, moving us closer to our target of 100% conversion in North America. Beyond making the pods available, we’ve worked with recyclers to ensure that they can be recycled and have a second life.

100% of our pods will be recyclable in Canada by the end of 2018.

Better together.

Coffee connects us to friends, family, and community. And we’re passionate about strengthening those bonds in the places we work and live. It’s why we serve together with local organizations that connect people to their families. And it’s why we grow together with environmental partners to develop the kinds of eco-friendly neighborhoods where we all want to live. Because strong families help build strong communities.

Photo credit: Mission Old Brewery

A taste of home.

Every weekday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Old Brewery Mission opens its doors to homeless men and women on Saint‑Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. It’s a safe and welcoming place to get a free cup of coffee; use the internet; and receive counseling on jobs, housing, and healthcare. For 15 years, Keurig Green Mountain has been providing coffee and brewers to the Old Brewery Mission, and in 2017, the mission renamed their café to Café Mission Keurig in honor of this commitment.

800 cups of coffee are brewed for café visitors each day.

Coffee is unique in that it touches so many parts of the globe. We have an opportunity to make a real difference — but we have to act now.

Monique Oxender, Chief Sustainability Officer, Keurig Green Mountain

We’re relentlessly pushing to meet the rest of our 2020 targets and looking ahead to new goals — constantly asking ourselves what we can do next to make the biggest impact. And to Brew A Better World™.

Sustainability Report FY2017