Beyond great coffee.

Every cup of coffee you enjoy connects you to a faraway farmer. When it’s Keurig Green Mountain coffee, that cup is doing more than providing a moment of comfort — because we’re doing more. Beyond our commitment to 100% responsible sourcing, we’re working closely with coffee communities to find solutions that improve their livelihoods, strengthen their farms, and ensure that coffee can thrive for generations to come.

The fruits of our investments.

Whether it’s improving farmers’ yields or connecting them to clean water, we’re partnering to find solutions that strengthen coffee communities.

The road to a sustainable future.

A small coffee community in Peru was once on “the road where life is worth nothing.” Militants controlled the area, and coca — the plant used for cocaine — was the prominent crop. But with $7 million in loans from Root Capital over the past decade — and our support — the Pangoa Co‑op has been able to learn sustainable farming practices for coffee and chocolate, become Fair Trade Certified™ and organic-certified, and change the lives of its 700 farmer-members.

The most important thing to me is that the producers don’t need to sell their farms.

Esperanza Dionisio Castillo, President, Pangoa Co-op, Peru
Photo credit: Andres Vies

By building up the resilience of coffee enterprises and producers, we’re unlocking an upward spiral of benefits. Not only can we accelerate enterprise growth and prevent risk, we can improve lives for entire communities that depend on coffee farming

Willy Foote, Founder and CEO of Root Capital
Photo credit: Andres Vies

9 million

people in Central America rely on water that flows downhill from coffeelands.

Photo credit: Blue Harvest

A reliable flow of clean drinking water.

The El Roblar farming community in Nicaragua was in chaos. Its population was growing while the flow of water was decreasing. The nearest water source was from a river 600 meters away — and it wasn’t always flowing. With our support and help from Blue Harvest, farmers were able to access new water sources upstream, install new pipes to connect the new water catchment to the old one, and install filters and a collection tank.

Partnering with those who share our vision.

World Coffee Research We’re partnering with World Coffee Research to develop new coffee varieties, conduct trials, and deliver new climate-smart technologies to farmers.

CRS We’re supporting the Blue Harvest program to protect and restore water resources in Central America’s coffeelands.

Root Capital Our support helps Root Capital to strengthen coffee farmer cooperatives through financial management training and financing.

Immersing our employees in coffee culture.

Each year, we send approximately 60 employees to connect with the people and places where our coffee is grown. These aren’t just coffee buyers or tasters — they’re employees from every department and location where we operate. Our goal is to infuse all areas of our company with respect and love for our products. So we give our employees the opportunity to meet the families who grow our coffee, understand all that they do, and witness the impact of our work and relationships at the source. In fiscal 2017, we went to Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

We celebrated Festa Junina with coffee farmers and their families in Carmo de Minas. Because of the fellowship in that one event, my passion for coffee and its positive benefits on communities in places like rural Brazil is ignited.

Jonathan Francis, Multisite SC Planning Beverage Associate, Keurig Green Mountain

Not just beans but brewers, too.

Coffee is part of the sourcing story and so are our appliances. During fiscal 2016 we joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), an industry group that allows us to proactively address risks in appliance supply chains. In fiscal 2017, we leveraged this membership by performing specific RBA audits, which use common tools to help us more efficiently ensure our appliance suppliers are meeting our standards. These include standards around Labor, Health and Safety, the Environment and Business Ethics.